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Nightmarish Dream

Sunday Munich


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Sunday Munich — дуэт из Атланты: мультимузыкант Menton J. Matthews и вокалистка Sarah Matthews. Их музыку отличает живой и творческий ритм, красивый вокал, иногда превращающийся в один из музыкальных инструментов, а также чудесные партии виолончели, скрипки, гитары, фортепиано в исполнении Matthews’а.

На счету коллектива 2 альбома Pneuma (1998) и Vinculum (2000)

Matthews также известен по работе над проектом Saltillo.


Pneuma (1998)


  1. Prozac
  2. Smallest Tragedy
  3. Home
  4. Refrain
  5. Pittance
  6. Tiny
  7. Womanhood
  8. In the Same Way
  9. Elaborate Schemes
  10. Ugly
  11. Suppose
  12. Two Missing


Vinculum (2000)


  1. Dent
  2. Going Back
  3. Bed
  4. Think
  5. Phone
  6. Feeling Here
  7. Her Name
  8. Aparent
  9. Kept
  10. Cell
  11. Scathed
  12. Flu
  13. Expose
  14. Eleven Toes
  15. Charisma
  16. WiSilent Hill You Were Here
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“In the Same Way”

His fingertips reach my frigid body

As again he's much too late

To find what he's reaching for

Strokes me as he would a prize

A desolate void behind his eyes

The game between wanting less and asking for more

Strikes a pinnacle here

In my bed

I believe

I hate this conversation

Where you pretend to listen

And sometimes understanding me

But most times missing the point

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“Smallest Tragedy”

Dust has settled on my frame of mind

Misunderstood prices paid blindly for your sins

Remedies and resolutions unreachable from here

Past the point of solution

But inside your eyes there's nothing left to see

Just a dull reflection of what I use to be

No more us just me and just you and just things that aren't true

There's no more tolerance in me no patience no understanding

I'm simply worn out run out of answers

Your foundation laid with confusion

Bruises my confidence in myself and in you

And modern concrete and dreams

Perched on the verge of truth

He reached inside my womb

And retrieved a circus of my masquerades

Dense, thick with facades and rotten with time

And replaced inside my tiny belly

What he thought there sound be

And in my grew the smallest tragedy

And what do you have to say

Silence breaks across your lips

Luscious and delicious darling deafened by your indifference

My cradle up inside with my own shadows

I find it hard

Hard to see things for what they are

I stuff and swallow them these razor sharp memories

And they cut on the inside

Where it's most unapparent to you

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