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DaKsha is an electronic/ambient/new age band from Romania founded in 2000 and formed by George Constantinescu and Catalin Truta.

“Ascendent” is the title of the DaKsha’s debut album. The music speaks in a modern language about the human journey in search of perfection, perennial beauty and immortality, a timeless quest of man for his own spiritual archetype.

“Romantic electronic instrumentals with strong melodies and world elements. DaKsha’s music has a synthetic foundation with colourful keyboard work built into harmonious themes embellished with warm strings, twinkling peripherals, and the added mystique of various bright effects. Each track has a clear tune carried by pianos, programmed voices or wordless female vocalising. The instrumentation is quite varied - accordion, didgeridoo and flute threaded through the synthesiser work, world sounds appearing periodically both as tonal flavours and among the percussion tracks - castanets, tablas, tribal drumming contributing to what are for most part vibrant drum arrangements. DaKsha have a vivid , theatrical sound that suggests flamboyant masked performers, bright lights at night and rich painted colour. There is a European flavour to a number of pieces, but that said we also have touches of Asia, South America and various other geographical references from track to track. The sound is quite heady and emotive, drawing the various stylistic references together into one clear vision of dramatic artifice.”



Ascendent (2006)

  1. Awakening
  2. 16 Steps To Infinity
  3. The Jade Stem
  4. Prelude
  5. Neuvo Tango
  6. Nights in Serampur
  7. Drops Of Grace
  8. Condensed Light
  9. Ascendent
  10. Angel Wings

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Группа просто офигенчик. Случайно наткнулся стараниями last.fm. Трек 16 Steps To Infinity самый любимый.

Единственный недостаток - мало. За более, чем десятилетие только одна полноценная пластинка и один трек для фанатов.

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Согласен, но может ещё всё впереди...

С января этого года у них новая страница на майспейсе — https://new.myspace.com/daksha Так что какая-никакая активность всё же имеется.

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