Брошюра «Ущелье Дьявола»

Расположение: закусочная «Devil’s Pitstop», столовая (Diner). Лежит на столе.


Early Residents of Devil’s Pit

Did you know that Native Americans used to call Silent Hill home? Anthropologists know this because of the various artifacts found here, specifically in the cave systems surrounding Devil’s Pit! A number of these relics indicate ceremonies being held for the deity Kwekwaxawe, suggesting his importance to the people here. In fact, one of the names given to this area was “Kwekwaxawe Kanesda” — “Nest of the Raven.”


Заметки подглядывающего

Расположение: закусочная «Devil’s Pitstop», подвал, комната под столовой. Лежит на кофейном столике.


Room 5B:
- Returned to room at 7:51 PM. Showered.
- 8:10 PM (shampooed hair 2X). In bed.
- 8:42 PM w/ pink nighty and no panties! Lights off at 9:23 PM after reading (fashion magazine) and drinking a glass of wine (cheap zinfandel).

Room 102:
- Ordered room service at 5:32 PM (house special fried chicken dinner w/ milk). Ate half while watching news program, then put tray outside door @ 7:10 PM.
Clipped toenails until 7:32 PM (left clippings on floor).
Watched TV rest of night until bedtime (10:35 PM). Wore oversized men’s button up (sheer!)

Room 6A:
- Shaved legs(!!) at 8:20 PM in bathtub.
In bed by 9:30 PM (sleeps nude). Snores loudly.

Room 103:
Long phone call to a boyfriend(?) ended at 5:22 PM (argued the entire time). Cried herself to sleep.

Стенд «Ущелье Дьявола»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, смотровая площадка. Написано на стенде.


Devil’s Pit
Historical Park

Founded 1945

Elevation Above Sea Level:
Here — 3,350 Feet
Terrace Below — 3,300 Feet
Pit Floor Beneath — 1,507 Feet

Стенд «Рождение доминанты»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, нижняя смотровая площадка. Написано на стенде.


Birth of a Landmark

Some of the Earth’s oldest rocks lie at the bottom of Devil’s Pit. Thousands of feet thick, the rocks are made out of sediments. About 200 million years after they formed, colossal geologic forces lifted them up into a range of mountains that may have been up to five miles high.

Eventually, the mountains eroded into a plain by millions of years of rain, wind, and frost. About one billion years go, that plain rose into a second mountain range. Then, these new mountains were worn away again.

Later, the entire region sank beneath an inland sea where fossils of primitive shellfish on the seabed eventually hardened to form shale. Afterwards, the region was elevated again into a high plateau and the earlier seabed now became the surface with the ancient rocks at the bottom.

Стенд «Плач летучей мыши»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, нижняя смотровая площадка, около водопада. Написано на стенде.


Bat’s Lament Falls

The waterfall before you, the tallest in Devil’s Pit, is called Bat’s Lament Falls. It was named by natives of the area after a rare species of bat indigenous to the area, known as the Weeping Bat. Weeping Bats spend the entirety of their lives in Diyu’s Tusk Cave located toward the bottom of the Pit.

The Weeping Bats were named by the natives, who observed that the bats secrete a special fluid from their eyes that deters unwanted parasites from infesting their ocular cavities. The natives believed the bats were weeping, saddened by being imprisoned in such a deep, dark chamber.

The Weeping Bats have been known to be unpredictably aggressive and very protective of their offspring, often attacking larger creatures that also reside in Devil’s Pit. However, no attack against a human has ever been reported.

Стенд «Лифтовой механизм»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, лифтовая комната в пещере. Написано на стенде.


Elevator Machinery

When the Gillespie Coal & Iron company established the Devil’s Pit Mine in 1816, electric power was not invented yet. As the mining operation expanded and dug deeper into the earth, hauling ore, equipment, and men to the surface via man and animal power became impractical. A new system was needed.

The miners began to use the power of the underground river and Devil’s Falls to power simple machinery like waterwheels for hoisting ore to the surface on pulley systems. As the operation grew more complex and ambitious, so too did the machinery. By the mid 19th century, Devil’s Pit utilized one of the most sophisticated and earliest applications of hydroelectric power.

The elevator was one of the first of its kind, using an ingenious system of gears and waterwheels to take men and equipment to the upper caverns.

Стенд «Водяной жёлоб»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, лифтовая комната в пещере. Написано на стенде.


Water Chute

This collection of waterwheels, cogs, gears, and troughs was used to transfer the natural power of the underground river to various mechanical systems. This was the engineer’s control hub, which allowed him to redirect the water’s flow via a series of wooden troughs, which in turn powered various mechanical devices such as the main elevator, a flood control pump, and even an early electrical generator.

This device was restored to its original working conditions by the Silent Hill Preservation Society.

Стенд «Железнодорожный тур по шахтам»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, шахты. Написано на стенде.


Train Tour of the Mines

In the early years of Devil’s Pit, mine carts were used as a transportation tool for moving materials in and out of the Pit during the mining process. The mine carts rode on steel tracks and were initially pushed and pulled by either animals or humans, later replaced by engines.

Due to the precipitous angles, inclines, and declines of the Devil’s Pit tunnels, it was unavoidable that the tracks would have sharp, hazardous, and often even deadly turns.

Humans working in the mines were warned to avoid riding aboard the cars whenever possible, as the death rate for such a journey was estimated at 40%. Quite simply, this meant 4 out of every 10 miners who hitched a ride aboard a mine cart met an unfortunate end!

Газетная статья «Крушение поезда»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, шахты. Висит на двери.


Train accident at Devil’s Pit causes death of 8 children
by Wally Thompson, Staff Writer

In what Silent Hill law enforcement officials are calling an unprecedented tragedy, 8 children were killed last night when the tour train in which they were riding derailed in the Devil’s Pit mines.

Witnesses claimed that JP Sater, the train’s operator, was visibly intoxicated at the time of the accident, and that negligence on his part may have led to the derailment.

“The train guy was drunk,” said Phillip Menton, a tourist from Chicago. “He was belligerent to everyone, even the kids. There was no way he should have been operating anything.”

“We’ve just begun investigating this terrible accident and it’s far too soon to speculate on anything," Detective Edward Rogers told reporter this morning, "Rest assured, we will utilize all available police resources and personnel to uncover the cause.”

The Silent Hill Tourism Authority has shut down all Devil’s Pit operations indefinitely, and has released the following statement: "We are saddened by the horrific accident involving the tourist train at our facilities, and we pledge to fully cooperate with law enforcement officials in all aspects of their investigation."

Стенд «Вход в Пещеру Слёз»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, Пещера Слёз. Написано на стенде.


Entry to Cave of Tears

The dark cavern before you was originally called Diyu’s Tusk Cavern.

The cave contains the largest stalagmite in all of North Eastern America and was first discovered by Chinese immigrant miners in 1863.

The Chinese miners believed the giant stalagmite to be a large tusk protruding from Diyu, which literally translates to “earth prison” in English and is considered the realm of the dead in Chinese mythology — hence the name Diyu’s Tusk.

The cave is also the lifelong home to the Weeping Bat, a rare species of bat indigenous to the area. As a result, the cavern is also often referred to by locals as the Cave of Tears.

Стенд «Водопад Дьявола»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, шахты, возле лифта. Написано на стенде.


Devil’s Falls

The breathtaking waterfall before you is the Devil’s Falls. As the second highest continually flowing single-drop waterfall in North America, it plunges 1,419 feet to the subterranean river below.

During the spring runoff, the Devil’s Falls flow at a rate of 300 cubic feet per second. That’s 2,400 gallons every second!

The Devil’s Falls feed an underground river system that flows through over 20 miles of limestone cavern until they empty into nearby Toluca Lake. The Gillespie Coal & Iron Company put the power of Devil’s Falls and the underground river to good use, using the flowing water to power various mining systems.

Детский стишок

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, перед станцией вагонеток. Прилеплена к висящему телу.
Лёгкий уровень сложности:


My Train Ride
By Donny Wilkes, Age 8

The man had a Red jacket,
And asked me “how are you?”

He drove the train
Through water that’s blue

Then ice cream ruined
My orange shoes.
Нормальный уровень сложности:


Mountains of Majesty
By Daniel
English 3A

Jutting underneath cerulean sky
Are rocky cliffs where my heart lies.

Eyes twinkling with emeralds fair,
My darling left me weeping there.

But her shadow can’t take away
These bronze cliffs at end of day.
Тяжёлый уровень сложности:


Beneath the slate burns wicked ash,
And the children cry for blood.

Outside, the fir trees blow
In a wind that knows not what happened here.

Or that Toluca’s subterranean claws
Seek blood. Always blood.


Стенд «Поезд Дьявола»

Расположение: Ущелье Дьявола, станция вагонеток. Написано на стенде.


The Devil’s Train

Jokingly called the Devil’s Train by the miners that once worked in Devil’s Pit, this mine train has since been converted into a ride for visitors. Equipped with a fascinating audio commentary, the Devil’s Train provides the passengers with an in-depth educational tour of Devil’s Pit, including an interactive re-enactment of much of the Pit’s rich history.

Please be advised that the tour includes the use of strobe lighting, so passengers sensitive to such effects should take extra care. Also, please keep your hands inside the cart at all times, as the Devil’s Train passes through areas of the Pit with very low ceiling and narrow passageways.

Finally, we ask that you please refrain from using any flash photography that might disturb the native fauna.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy your ride on... The Devil’s Train!

Полицейский отчёт

Расположение: Хиллсайд, полицейский участок, слева от входа в здание в виде дыры в стене. Лежит на полу.


Boston Police Department
Case Number: MA 0/814/1/969
Incident: Vehicle Theft
Reporting Officer: Sergeant Matthew Baker
Date of report: Feb. 26 ██████

At about 2240 hours on 2/25 suspect ███████████████ was observed by a number of witnesses (see Appendix A) at 4050 Bromfield Road forcibly entering a parked police cruiser (Appendix B). Suspect was then able to start the vehicle and depart the scene in a reckless manner, approaching surface street speeds far in excess of the posted limits.

At approximately 2245 hours, patrol officers in the area, as well as Air Assets from the Sheriff’s Department, answered the stolen vehicle call from dispatch and began pursuit of the suspect. At 2310 hours, Suspect exited onto Interstate 94 (southbound) on the Route 5 off-ramp. The suspect continued southbound on Interstate 94 at excessive speeds, and pursuing officers maintained a safe distance to reduce collateral risk to nearby civilians.

At approximately 0820 hours on 2/26 the suspect crossed the state line into Ashfield and exited onto surface streets. At that time, local officers cordoned off the area to civilian traffic and dispatched road spikes. The spikes disabled the stolen vehicle, bringing it to a complete stop at approximately 0835 hours.

M Baker

Обзор преступности

Расположение: Хиллсайд, полицейский участок, за забитой досками дверью. Лежит на полу.


From the Desk of Chief Ronald Doyle
Annual Felony Crime Survey

Property Crime:

Incident            Incidents   Previous Year
Burglary            74          54
Larceny/Theft       386         239
Auto Theft          28          30
Arson               3           2

Violent Crime:

Incident            Incidents   Previous Year
Homicide            6           2
Forcible Rape       4           3
Aggravated Assault  53          30
Robbery             6           █

Фото с места преступления #2

Расположение: Хиллсайд, юго-восточный двор полицейского участка. Лежит на земле.


(Crime scene photo with marker #2)

Листовка о пропавшем ребёнке

Расположение: Хиллсайд, во дворе с южной стороны Кэмпбелл-стрит. Лежит на земле.



Charlie Pendleton



(617) 555 - 4775

Фото с места преступления #1

Расположение: Хиллсайд, балкон дома на Лэнсдейл-авеню. Прилепено на бочку.


(Crime scene photo with marker #1)

Письмо с угрозами

Расположение: Перл Крик, здание апартаментов на Лэнсдейл-авеню. Висит на двери в квартиру 3F.


Dear Shithead
I’m on to you, you junkie asshole. Next time something goes missing from my apartment, you can expect the cops to come knocking on your door. And if it’s not them, it’ll be me, and my knock is 12 gauges if you catch my drift. So if you don’t want an ass full of buckshot, I suggest you stay the fuck away from my apartment. Last warning.

Письмо с вымогательством картины

Расположение: Перл Крик, картинная галерея на пересечении Кук-стрит и Лэймонд-авеню, офис (вторая дверь слева от входа). Лежит на диване.



October 3rd

Dear Mr. Rice,

The DeLalla painting in your collection needs to be in a public gallery, not the private home of an eccentric recluse who selfishly hordes such treasures for his sole enjoyment. I have tried repeatedly to get you to accept my generous offers to purchase the painting, but once again you rebuff me, leaving me no choice but to take drastic measures.

It would be extremely unfortunate if certain details regarding your son’s suicide were made public. Give me the painting, and I’ll assure you that these allegations will never see the light of day. Refuse me, and face the consequences.

Melissa Matlan

Письмо с предложением покупки картины

Расположение: Перл Крик, картинная галерея на пересечении Кук-стрит и Лэймонд-авеню, выставочный зал. Лежит на прилавке.



September 14th

Dear Mr. Barker

Thank you for returning my inquiry regarding the Lilian Shelley painting. It’s wonderful to find another like-minded collector, especially one that’s so familiar with the early work of this local artist. I was, however, extremely disappointed to hear that you have chosen to reject my offer to acquire this piece for my gallery. You have to understand that we are assembling what The Art Review has called “the most important and extensive collection” of Shelley’s early oils ever displayed, and refusing to sell or land the painting to the gallery is not only a disservice to Silent Hill, but an insult to the greater art community. Your refusal to support this celebration of Shelley’s work will only lead to misfortune. I beg you to carefully reconsider my offer.

Melissa Matlan

Заметка о недостающих картинах

Расположение: Перл Крик, картинная галерея на пересечении Кук-стрит и Лэймонд-авеню, офис (вторая дверь слева от входа). Лежит на столе.



How large is the map? 3x3 grid? Maybe I don’t need the entire map to find the treasure...

Who has the missing paintings? (Cross-check with Art Collector Quarterly. Who’s buying New England 19th century oils?)

Mr. Rice (won’t return calls)
Mr. Brite
Dr. S█████
Mr. Barker (refuses to sell)
Mr. Strad

What do the symbols mean???
Native Americans. Maybe Algonquian? Call Pat at SH History Soc., maybe he knows?

Ravens - Death - burial site?

Записка от мамы

Расположение: Перл Крик, пересечение Лэнсдейл-авеню и Брайт-стрит. Лежит на земле в коробке для завтрака.


Mommy has made a new path for you to follow how. Remember the rules...

Yellow Ribbon = Turn Left
Red Ribbon = Turn Right

I know you sometimes get confused, so just be a big girl and look for mommy’s ribbons and you’ll be fine. Whatever you do, DON’T BREAK THE RULES! Mommy will be waiting for you at home.

Hugs and Kisses,

Газетная статья о тюремном бунте

Расположение: Перл Крик, пересечение Брайт-стрит и Лэймонд-авеню. Лежит на земле.


Riot at Ryall State Prison results in four fatalities

A full-scale riot at Ryall State Prison was finally brought under control late last night after prison guards stormed the facility utilizing large quantities of tear gas, riot batons, and shotguns. As of this writing, four fatalities have been reported, all prisoners, whose names are being withheld.

“After a tense stand-off with a rather brutal physical confrontation, we were able to reestablish full control of the prison,” said Warden Glen Milton. “Rest assured, we will get to the bottom of this and find out just what and, most importantly, who was the cause of this unfortunate disruption to normal prison operations.”

A number of guards were reported injured in the incident as well, one seriously. Their names are also being withheld pending the investigation.

Конверт с обратным адресом

Расположение: Перл Крик, на севере Лэймонд-авеню. Лежит на земле около обрыва.


Aaron Ashfield
Apartment #8
2909 Witmer Road
Silent Hill, 04207

Листовка о пропавшей девочке

Расположение: Перл Крик, здание на пересечении Кук-стрит и Лэнсдейл-авеню. Висит на стене.


Ariadne Johnson

DOB: January 6th, 1996
Missing: April 11th, ████
Height: 4' 2"
Eyes: Brown
Race: Caucasian
Age: 8
Sex: Female
Weight: 48 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown

Ariadne was last seen on April 11, ████ around 2:15pm while walking home from the Hillside Middle School. Ariadne suffers from severe autism and is prone to wandering away from home. She follows a fixed route home from her bus stop, marked by a series of colored ribbons placed by her mother. Ariadne has a strong aversion to the color blue and has been known to alter her route to avoid the color.

Anyone having information should contact the Silent Hill Police Department’s missing persons hotline.



Расположение: вековое здание, вход на парковку. Весит на двери.


Ryall State Prison

From: Parole Committee
To: Glen Milton
Subject: Prisoner Pendleton, Murphy (273A); Parole Status

This letter is to inform you that parole has been approved for Prisoner Murphy Pendleton (273A), affective June 26. Mr. Pendleton has met all qualifications for early release and by all accounts is a model prisoner. We feel he is prepared to make the successful transition from prisoner to citizen. Further, due to the non-violent nature of his conviction, it is our opinion he poses no physical threat/danger to the general public.

Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions and/or concerns.


Judith Zaragoza
Parole Committee Chairperson

Внутренний меморандум (Расследование)

Расположение: вековое здание, парковка. Лежит на пассажирском сидении полицейской машины.


Ryall State Prison

From: Captain Bryan Handley
To: Warden Glen Milton
Subject: Status Update - Internal Investigation

Per our recent conversation, my department has initiated an aggressive internal investigation into the prison guard staff. In order to keep you apprised of significant development, please note that we are paying particular attention to the activities, past and present, of Corrections Officer George Sewell. We have received an eyewitness testimony from Corrections Officer Frank Coleridge that suggest C.O. Sewell has been engaged in a number of illegal activities in the course of his duties.

Other than C.O. Coleridge’s testimony, however, our evidence regarding Sewell’s alleged violations remains circumstantial at this point and our investigation continues. I will keep you promptly apprised of any new findings.


Captain Bryan Handley
Chief of Guards

Классические цивилизации (Рим)

Расположение: вековое здание, 1-й этаж, библиотека. Стоит на книжной полке.


[...] ceremony known as “taking the auspices.” Central to this practice was the Augur, a priest who would examine the movement and behavior of birds, then extrapolate from it the will of the gods. For a time, war, politics, and commerce were driven by these specialized priests.

Another type of specialized priest of divination in ancient Rome was the haruspex. Unlike the Augur, who believed they could tell the future through the observation of elements of the living, natural world, Haruspices made their predictions by sacrificing animals, especially birds and sheep. These animals were typically purified with blessed waters prior to slaughter, then the livers and entrails were carefully removed and examined for signs of future events. It was just such a haruspex, Titus Vestricius Spurinna, that warned Julius Caesar about the danger on [...]

Внутренний меморандум (Напье)

Расположение: вековое здание, 1-й этаж, библиотека. Лежит на столе.


Ryall State Prison

From: Warden Glen Milton
To: Captain Bryan Handley
Subject: Prisoner Patrick Napier (deceased)

Concerning the recent unsolved murder of the subject-named prisoner in our facilities, a full and complete review of all isolation and segregation procedures will be undertaken by you and your staff, with findings turned into my office no later than close of business, 21st November. Included in your report will be full investigation results regarding Napier’s murder, including those responsible for overseeing the victim’s activities during the time of this incident — specially how another prisoner was allowed access to the segregation area. Please note, your guard staff is not exempted from suspicion and should be treated thusly.

This investigation should be considered your highest priority. I am determined that we will restore Ryall’s reputation as a top-notch prison facility. Consider this your first and last warning.

Warden Glen Milton

Энтомология (Том 3)

Расположение: вековое здание, 2-й этаж, библиотека. Стоит на книжной полке.


Apis Mellifera (Honey Bee)

The bee is an interesting insect, and one that has quite a bit in common with us humans. Bees build and live in societies, hold down jobs, and communicate in a symbolic language. These commonalities extend even further; bees build prisons. These tiny penitentiaries are offset from the rest of the hive, and are used primarily to detain hive beetles; pests that threaten the safety of the bees’ home. Before long, the sentence is delivered and the death penalty rendered via lethal injection. It seems in hive law, beetles are guilty unless proven innocent.

Solitary honey bees are typically docile and rarely attack unless provoked to the extreme. When the bee does choose to attack, this single act of retribution is almost always fatal for the bee itself. The barbed stinger of the honey bee pulls the lancet deep into the skin of the victim, injecting 1 mg of apitoxin. When the bee attempts to flee the scene of the crime, it finds that a large part of its abdomen, guts, nerve and muscle tissue are torn from its body and left behind. Eviscerated, the bee dies shortly after, paying the ultimate price for revenge.

Литературные мастера - Восточная Европа

Расположение: вековое здание, 1-й этаж, библиотека. Стоит на книжной полке.


[...] more interesting readings of Fran Kafka’s The Metamorphosis have emerged in contemporary criticism. For example, scholar Paul Scheible writes, “While it’s possible Gregor’s transformation was a matter of bad luck, more likely is that his insect malady was self-inflicted as a way to escape from society.” Sheible’s argument focuses most acutely on the latter half of the work, during the time when Gregor adopts the fears and behaviors of an insect. “One need only look at Gregor’s rooms, a fortress built of discarded objects, to see a prison of his own making. But don’t mistake it as storage for unwanted objects. Gregor in fact wanted to be unwanted, so he created a world barricaded behind unwanted things. The work chronicles his desire driven descent, from human being to exoskeletal prisoner, that led slowly, but inevitably, toward death.” (Scheible, Paul. “The Metamorphosis: Man’s Final Act of Free Will”)

Another important work from Kafka that remains pertinent today, especially whenever the merits of capital punishment are discussed, is his 1919 short story “In der Strafkolonie” (In the Penal Colony). This deeply disturbing story tells of the last use of a horrific execution device that slowly kills the victim over a period of twelve hours, during which his crimes are literally carved in his flesh.

The prison in which this ingeniously gruesome device is utilized has decided to retire the machine, but the executioner that operates it seems to have an abnormal love for the elegant violence it inflicts, describing the spiritual ecstasy which grips some victims during the last hours of their life.

In a truly Kafkaesque twist, the executioner decides to swap places with the condemned prisoner during the machine’s final use, hoping to achieve the same transcendence-through-violence that he has inflicted on so many before. But because the machine has fallen into [...]

Социология (Том 5)

Расположение: вековое здание, 1-й этаж, библиотека. Стоит на книжной полке (нужно встать на приставную лестницу, чтобы дотянуться).


Sociology v.5 - Evolution of the Penal System


The concept of using prison as a punishment for convicted criminals is a relatively new one. Prior to 19th Century Britain, prisons were used primarily to detain suspects awaiting their trial, or prisoners marked for death until the sentence could be carried out. Those not sentenced to death were commonly sent into workhouses, slavery, or penal colonies. The modern day theory behind using prisons as punishment is one of “rehabilitation”, though the validity of this approach is questionable. In America especially, high re-arrest rates imply there is no rehabilitation or “good behavior”; that once convicted, a criminal’s life is forever linked to wrongdoing.

Though philosophies have evolved, many practices have not. In Britain during the Regency and Victorian periods, prison ships, sometimes called prison hulks, were used extensively as a means for transporting prisoners to penal colonies, typically bound for places like Australia and Tasmania. However, the British penal system quickly recognized the effectiveness of water as a means of imprisonment and began using prison hulks solely as a means of incarceration, rather than transport. These stationary vessels would be packed to capacity with prisoners and anchored just within sight of the tantalizing coast, but just far enough away that the endless deep on which they floated promised to swallow any man foolish enough to attempt a swim to shore. The conditions within [...]

Тайная история колоний

Расположение: вековое здание, 2-й этаж, помещение между комнатами 204 и 205. Стоит на книжной полке.


Settlers came to the Americas seeking religious freedom, a promise which certainly appealed to Gnostic practitioners of varying faiths; ranging from Pagan to Judeo-Christian, and even ancient Babylonian traditions. After hearing tales of ’the place of silent spirits,’ many made pilgrimages to what is now called Toluca Lake. One such Pilgrim was Professor Horace Holloway, who wrote in his diary:

“Stepping foot on that ground, even a fool could sense its sacred nature. Surely this place is the one for which we have sought.”

These groups studied and gradually integrated the religious practices of the Native tribes, often interpreting deities and rites in terms of their personal traditions. In this way, figures such as Metatron, Samael, and Molech were brought to the New World, as well as varying divination practices (Ornithomanct, Scurying, Gyromancy, et al,).

While it may at first seem peculiar that pious and God fearing colonist would so readily adopt “heathen” or “pagan” rites into their burgeoning society, the incorporation of pagan traditions into Judeo-Christian orthodoxy is nothing new.

During Christianity’s spread across Europe, several pagan traditions were repurposed and absorbed by the church when recent converts were not so willing to abandon long-practiced rites and festivals based on seasonal and lunar cycles.

Sadly, these same colonists that happily celebrated the Norse pagan holiday of Yule (in the guise of Christmas) or Celtic Samhain (All Hallows Eve) were the same colonists that were quick to root out “witchcraft,” and “devil worship” within their community, as evidenced by the brutal witch trials that [...]

Мировой фольклор

Расположение: вековое здание, 1-й этаж, северный холл рядом с офисами. Стоит на книжной полке.


Native American Spirituality

The majority of the tribes believed in “Manitou” or “spirit being.” Contrary to the Western idea of spirits as part of the human psyche or personality, Manitou is something inherent to all things: animals, trees, the earth, and even machines. They were seen as both individual spirit beings that could be contacted, and as a universal spiritual energy that flowed through everything.

As the more universal Manitou connected all life and non-life, shamanistic tradition suggests ways to bend or manipulate this energy to create a desired effect. Blessing a newborn, dancing to summon rain, or using herbs to heal injuries are just a few of many ways in which the natives sought to utilized the Manitou.

However, overuse could theoretically break the relationship between a people and the Manitou. While scholars can’t find [...]

Теория искусства, Глава 12

Расположение: вековое здание, 2-й этаж, комната 200. Стоит на книжной полке.


Negative Space is an invaluable drawing technique that allows the brain to disconnect from the common shapes and patterns it’s been trained to see, instead focusing on the space around a subject. By focusing on recreating this negative space, rather than the subject, the artist is able to create a much more accurate image. This phenomenon proves that the objects, people, and things we take for granted don’t actually exist as we see them. In fact, they are merely shadows flickering through the empty canvas of the human subconscious.

Another example of negative space is found in the famous Rubin Vase, an optical illusion created by Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin. This simple black and white diagram of a white vase on a black field can be viewed as a vase, or as two human faces meeting nose to nose. Considered the best illustrative example of figure ground organization, the diagram challenges the viewer’s perception, transforming the image from the vase (inanimate) to the faces (animate) and back again before the viewer’s eyes. As in the world around us, sometimes the most interesting things are hiding in the shadows.

Психология (Том 7)

Расположение: вековое здание, 3-й этаж, комната 306. Стоит на книжной полке.


Common Mental Disorders

[...] now associated with PTSD. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, loss of emotional drive, nightmares, inability to sleep, and social withdrawal. Such symptoms have been noted to follow natural disaster, combat, and even large-scale job layoffs. Though there is no single treatment for the condition, chemical options have proven helpful, and therapy can slow the condition or even prevent it, if begun soon after the catalyst event.

Conduct Disorder is a common category of psychological disorder categorized by a compulsive impulse to violate the rights of others, cause destruction and mayhem to property, inflict physical harm or threats against others, and a general rebellion against social norms and established authority figures. In the most extreme forms, conduct disorder can include physical or verbal aggression and intimidation towards people and animals.

Психология (Том 5)

Расположение: вековое здание, 3-й этаж, видеоархив. Стоит на книжной полке.


Common Mental Disorders

...Conduct disorder is also related to psychopathy and sociopathy, marked by a near total lack of empathy for other living things and a warped morality defined by their own needs and desires.

Листовка психолога

Расположение: вековое здание, 2-й этаж, комната 204. Лежит на столе.


Rett Cairn, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(617) 555-3323
Helping individuals and couples cope with the loss of a child.

Психологический отчёт

Расположение: вековое здание, 2-й этаж, комната 200. Лежит в ящике комода.


Ryall State Prison

From: Dr. Wayne Sara
To: Warden Glen Milton
Subject name: █████████████████
Subject: Psychological Evaluation - Probationary Hearing Prelim

███████████████ is a male, 43 years old. He is serving a ██-year sentence for multiple felony accounts, including third-degree murder and sexual assault of a child below the age of 14. He appears to be in satisfactory physical health. The prisoner is currently being considered for probation.
After multiple sessions with the prisoner, I have concluded he does not suffer from any psychotic or physical disorders. Rather, he has shown continually to have an inordinate interest in young children and manifests significant predatory traits. As a result, I feel he poses an imminent danger to the community should he be released from custody, and is therefore a poor candidate for probation.

Dr. Wayne Sara
Chief Psychiatrist
Ryall State Prison

Ежегодная проверка сотрудников

Расположение: вековое здание, 2-й этаж, хранилище (Vault). На полке с документами.


Ryall State Prison

Name: George Sewell
Position: Correction’s Officer
Years of Service: 20

Areas of Concern:
There have been numerous reports from prisoners and fellow corrections officers that Officer Sewell maintains suspicious contact and/or relationships with certain prisoners under his care. There have also been allegations of abuse of power by Officer Sewell, including physical threats. Officer Sewell adamantly denies these claims.

Until further investigation is conducted into the various charges against Officer Sewell, promotion and/or merit wage increase cannot be approved at this time.

Positive Contributions to Team:
Officer Sewell had perfect work attendance throughout the entire review period and consistently reports to his duties in a punctual fashion.

Руководство для монтажного устройства

Расположение: Честейн Хайтс, кинотеатр, проекционная комната. Висит на стене.


Picturedrome Projection Services LLC.

Film Splicing Guidelines

1. Only authorized theater employees may access the film splicing equipment.
2. The Film Splicing Equipment can be used to join two or more segments of film to create a single edited piece, seamlessly joining Reel A to Reel B.
3. Many of the film reels stored within the Silent Hill film archive are decades old and irreplaceable. Always wear protective gloves before handling film.
4. Before loading the film Splicer, ensure that the film you’re using has been cleaned in a methyl chloroform solution.
5. The repair adhesive will not bind to wet film. Ensure that all film segments are thoroughly dry before attempting to splice two film segments together.
6. Ensure that you provide at least 24-27 inches of leader tape for the start of each new reel before splicing additional film segments to it.
7. The Film Splicing equipment is solely for the use of repairing damaged films or joining two shorter sequential reels into a single reel. Any other alterations or edits must first be cleared with the copyright holder.

Газетная статья (Похищение)

Расположение: Честейн Хайтс, огороженная территория с восточной стороны кинотеатра. Лежит на земле.


By Harold Ulysses

Brahms - A 6-year-old boy is believed to have been abducted by an unknown kidnapper while walking home from his school yesterday afternoon. ██████████████, who attends Robbins Elementary School, was last seen departing the school’s campus at approximately 2:30 PM. He was walking alone and no witnesses have been identified at this time.

“Right now, we have very little to go on,” said Detective Elliot Benson, who is heading up the investigation for the Brahms Police Department. “As with any suspected kidnapping, the first 48 hours are crucial, so we are asking anyone who may have information about the disappearance to please call our anonymous hotline.”

Police have been actively interviewing school employees, students, as well as residents who live and work near Robbins Elementary. As of the writing of the article, the parents of the missing child remained unavailable for comment.

“As you can imagine, the parents want nothing more than the safe return of their child, and all their energies are focused in that direction,” Detective Benson told reporters.

A statewide AMBER Alert has been activated for ██████████████. If you have any information regarding his disappearance, please contact the Crime Breakers Tip Line.

Газетная статья (Напье)

Расположение: Честейн Хайтс, двор монастыря Святой Марии. Лежит на земле около фонтана.


Jury finds Patrick Napier guilty of first-degree

It took a jury only four hours of deliberation to return a guilty verdict against Patrick Napier at the Brahms Courthouse this afternoon. Napier, 42, a convicted child molester and registered sex offender, had been accused of abducting, sexually assaulting, and murdering Daniel Stephens, an 8-year-old local boy whose parents had reported him missing in January of last year.

“This is a hollow victory at best,” District Attorney Theodore Adams told reporters outside the courthouse after the verdict had been handed down. “Yes, we got a sick and dangerous predator off the streets and behind bars for good, On the other hand, none of this can return a promising young boy to the arms of his grieving parents.”

Napier’s guilty verdict comes with a mandatory life-without-parole sentence. He was immediately remanded to Ryall State Prison by sheriff’s deputies following the verdict, where he will be placed in protective custody and begin serving his sentence in complete isolation from other prisoners.

Стихотворение (Фрагмент #1)

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 1-й этаж, часовня (Chapel). Лежит на алтаре.


Poor little Steven Skelter,
Even the chaplain won’t forgive you.
“Forever lies!” your pleading cries.
But Suzy knows you felt her.

Письмо домой

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 1-й этаж, классная комната (Class Room). Лежит на учительском столе.


Dear Mommy and daddy,

Please can I come home? It is bad at this place and I dont like it. The pepul are meen to me. they hert me and the medasin makes me feel sick all the time. Im scared. Please come get me.

love █████
К письму прикреплена записка:


Notice to All Staff

In the future, all correspondence for patient ██████ ██████, whether ingoing or outgoing, is to be filtered through my office for my personal review. No exceptions.

Thank you,

Roberts Bloch
Director of Operations

Примечания для техника

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, комната управления (Control Room). Лежит на столике.
Лёгкий уровень сложности:




You’re going to be the only person running this thing up top, so don’t screw it up. It isn’t heard or anything, but remember, these are kids. They don’t have the same emotional stability as real actors.


When we’re ready to start, your cue is that first light on the left. Keep an eye on it and you’ll be fine. Anyway, step one is to turn down the house lights.

Next will be music to set the mood of the play.

Once everyone’s quieted down, move that spotlight to the stage. That’s the other guy’s cue for the curtain.

Things start off in the forest. This is your point of no return. The kids, man. Remember the kids.

They’ll move on to the HOUSE and that’s when we need the rain to kick in. Start it off gentle at first, just a drizzle. Then turn up the drums with some thunder.

Remember, you’re our entire special effects department. It’s up to you to bring this thing alive.
Нормальный/тяжёлый уровни сложности:




The stage is set. THE LIGHTS DIM and a haunting MELODY BEGINS TO PLAY. We are transported to the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm. LIGHTS ON CENTER STAGE, the curtain opens!

The way home has vanished!

We see the children are in a DARK FOREST, with unknown dangers lurking around every turn. The children enter.

Oh Hansel, the crows have eaten our bread.

Worry not. I will watch over you.

They come to a STRANGE HOUSE. They mean to stay away, but it begins to RAIN. As thunder booms and THE STORM WORSENS, they creep closer to find the house is made of goodies!

Стихотворение (Фрагмент #2)

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 1-й этаж, домик на сцене. Лежит в сундуке.


Nowhere left for you to run,
Every fault laid bare in the open
Along with your skin, splayed out from within
Once the monster has his fun

Открытка на день отца

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, комната в восточной части. Лежит на тумбочке.



Предварительная психологическая оценка

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, помещение между игровой комнатой (Play Room) и классной комнатой (Class Room). Лежит на столе.


From: ███████ ███████
To: ███████████████
Patient’s Name: ████████████
Subject: Preliminary psychological evaluation

A new patient arrived today, named ███████ ████████ and aged ██. ██████████ comes to us with a number of interesting psychological characteristics.

1. He displays marked impairment in the use of a number of nonverbal behaviors, most notably eye contact, facial expression, and body posture.
2. ███████ ████████ shows no interest in participating in simple social play, preferring instead solitary activities.
3. Though ███████████████ maintains adequate speech ability, he shows marked impairment in his ability to initiate and/or sustain a conversation with others.
4. Furthermore, ███████████████ engages in the repetitive use of idiosyncratic language, as well as repetitive mannerisms.
5. ███████ ████████ also has a persistent preoccupation with parts of objects.
Further evaluation is required.
Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Chloe Zane
Attending Psychiatrist

Психологическая оценка #1

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, комната к северу от игровой комнаты (Play Room). Лежит в ящике комода.


From: ███████ ████████
To: ███████ ████████
Patient’s Name: ███████ ████████
Subject: Psychological evaluation

Patient ███████ ████████ has shown no deviation from his extreme social degenerative traits, despite numerous applications of electro-shock therapy. Sessions in the isolation tank were also unsuccessful.

I feel more aggressive methods should be pursued and I would like to set up a meeting in the near future to discuss them.


Dr. Chloe Zane
Attending Psychiatrist

Письмо с соболезнованиями

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, комната отдыха (Restroom). Лежит на столике.


Patient’s Name:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. ████████

The purpose of this letter is to offer our sincerest condolences for the tragic loss of your son, on May 2, during his recent surgical procedure. Despite the best efforts by the attending surgical staff, extenuating medical complications impeded all efforts to revive him.

We would also kindly remind you that this surgical procedure was legally authorized in the agreement you signed when your son was first admitted into our facility.


Dr. Chloe Zane
Attending Psychiatrist

Служебная записка

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, рентгеновский кабинет. Лежит на столе слева от двери.


Requisition No. ███████


Please note that the western courtyard door is currently locked. That paper-eating neurotic brat went one step too far and swallowed the key. How in the world does this sort of thing happen so often?

Anyway, he’s scheduled for a procedure later this week, and I plan to rectify the matter at that time. Until then, please bear with the inconvenience of walking all the God-damned way around just to visit our medical wing.

Robert Bloch
Director of Operations

Стихотворение (Фрагмент #3)

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, рентгеновский кабинет. Внутри одного из Скримеров.


Take heed, it’s not too late.
Mistakes needn’t haunt you forever.
Though you have regret, you can’t just forget
You alone decide your fate.

Психологическая оценка #2

Расположение: монастырь Святой Марии, 2-й этаж, небольшое помещении рядом с рентгеновским кабинетом. Лежит в ящике комода.


From: ███████ ████████
To: ███████ ████████
Patient’s Name: ███████ ████████
Subject: Psychological Evaluation

After numerous attempts, utilizing the latest in experimental treatment conventions, I feel that patient ███████ ████████ has shown no recuperative progress. In fact, I find that ███████ ████████ has indeed regressed and that any further treatment of this nature, regardless of intensity and/or frequency, will be of no help in curing his strange social disorder.

My recommendation is that a full frontal lobotomy be conducted at the soonest opportunity.


Dr. Chloe Zane
Attending Psychiatrist

Газетная статья (Коррупция)

Расположение: Плезант Ривер, крайний с запада дом на Райс-стрит. Лежит на крыльце.


Ryall State Prison To Be Investigated For Corruption Charges
By William Thomas

Officials at Ryall State Prison are reporting that they will be the subject of a voluntary investigation into charges from various prisoners that the guards who work at the prison are engaged in corrupt practices.

“We are confident in the integrity of our guards,” Warden Glen Milton told reporters at a recent press conference held at the prison. “We run a tight ship here and have nothing to hide. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to invite state investigators into our facilities — to clear up these misunderstandings and, frankly, dispute the outright lies being told by some of the prisoners in our care.”

Charges against the Ryall guards include the distribution and sale of illegal narcotics, theft, and physical abuse against both prisoners and fellow prison staff.

One state official, who requested to remain unnamed, said the investigation is slated to begin in two weeks’ time.

“We take these accusations very seriously,” the official said. “If it turns out there is any validity to the charges, then appropriate disciplinary actions against Ryall Prison as well as those individuals responsible will be taken immediately.”


Расположение: Плезант Ривер, дом на Райс-стрит. Лежит на столе.


(Picture of docks)

Объявление о похоронах

Расположение: Плезант Ривер, дом на Райс-стрит, спальня. Лежит на кровати.


Kelemen & Fox Funeral Services
Since 1910


You are cordially invited to attend the funeral for:

Alison Elaine Wilson
(1923 - 1999)

Memorial Services will be conducted at 11:00am Tuesday morning, November 9, 1999 at the Perkins Funeral Home, followed by Graveside Services at Monroe Cemetery at 1:00pm.

Исповедь матери

Расположение: Честейн Хайтс, апартаменты на Леймон-стрит. Лежит на кровати.


I’ve finally done it. I can’t take it anymore. God knows I’ve tried to give her a happy, normal life, but I’m tired and worn out and I just can’t do it another minute longer. People will judge me and call me a monster and wonder why, but until they’ve lived with a child like her, they can’t know - CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW - how hard it is, every single day, every moment. She will NEVER be normal. She will NEVER grow up and lead a happy life. I’ve been living a lie, and it’s time to wake up from the nightmare.

I’ve given all I can possibly give. It’s time for me to start living my life for ME. Don’t try to find me. You’ll never see me again. My new life starts TODAY.

God forgive me.


Заметка психиатра

Расположение: портовый район, дом на пересечении Кетчум-стрит и Кинг-авеню. Лежит на полу после прохождения дополнительного квеста «Зеркало, зеркало».



Patient Name: Malone, D. A.
Patient DOB: 03/04/75

The patient is a young caucasian woman, age 20, of good physical health with no abnormalities in her medical or mental health history. She initially came to my office after a recommendation from her family doctor, complaining of insomnia, exhaustion, and depression. Subject recently lost a sibling (older sister) but refuses to divulge further details.

After further interviews, I have diagnosed the patient as suffering from acute Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Patient described recurring nightmares, anxiety, fits of anger, and panic attacks stemming from the irrational belief that if she does not conduct mundane, repetitive rituals around her home, “the people in the mirror” will cause her physical harm.

Sending recommendation to the patient’s GP that she is suffering from OCD with possible schizophrenia, advising further tests and possible antipsychotic medication.

Dr. Ari Richmond
Silent Hill Psychiatry & Family Counseling

Записка о душевой

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, уровень А4, северо-западный угол. Падает на пол.


7pm - Showers
Be ready.
- S

Психологическая оценка (Оверлук)

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, уровень А2, сторожевая вышка. Лежит на столе.


Ryall State Prison

From: Dr. Wayne Sara
To: Warden Glen Milton
Subject name: █████████████
Subject: Initial Psychological Evaluation/Profile

███████████████ is a male, ██ years old. He is serving a ██-year service for ██████, ██████, and ██████. He appears to be in excellent physical health. We briefly discussed his past, as well as the events that led to his incarceration. ███████ maintains a soft-spoken and somewhat introverted demeanor, yet appears to be cognizant of his crimes and able to serve his sentence without causing any trouble or displaying resistance. For these reasons, I recommend he be approved for placement in general population.

Respectfully submitted by,

Dr. Wayne Sara
Chief Psychiatrist
Ryall State Prison

Письмо заключённого (#1)

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, уровень А3, камера в западной части. Лежит на столе.


Well, another day, another letter from this hellhole. It’s been 8 months now since I got locked up and seems like things only get worse. I knew some rough guys on the outside, but none of them come close to the freaks in here. I’m talking stone cold fuckin killers, rapists, even sick ass child molesters. And the worst of all are the guards. I swear, there aint a straight fuckin one in the bunch. Just assholes with badges who get their rocks off knocking around the inmates. I always thought getting ass raped by some dude was gonna be what I had to worry about in here. No one said nothing about having to watch my back for dumb ass, crooked bulls all the time.

I can’t wait to get out from here and back to you. Just 4 more months.

Love forever,

Письмо заключённого (#2)

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, уровень А2, камера в восточной части. В углублении в стене за стеллажом.


Bad fucking new. Someone round here’s got it in their stupid head that I’m some kind of a rat switch. Been taking heat all damn week from other inmates and the guards are coming down on me for every stinkin little thing. It ain’t looking good, babe - I gotta get my sorry ass out of this place somehow. I need you to call my lawyer, let him know what’s going on fast. Please, I’ll see what I can do on this end - I got some ideas. Crazy ones, but better than nothing.

Love forever,

Письмо от Кэрол

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, уровень А2, в конце затопленного коридора, проходящего из западной камеры, из которой выскочил мячик. Лежит на тумбочке.


Forgiveness? You have the balls to ask me for FORGIVENESS? How can I possibly forgive you when you’ve destroyed everything I had left in this world? Every time I look at you, all I can see is his face. I only ever asked one thing of you, and that was to be a good father to our son. You failed me, Murphy. You failed me, and you failed Charlie, and now there’s no way we’ll ever have him back.

Don’t call me. Don’t write. I never want to see you again.


Ориентировка на подозреваемого

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, уровень А3, комната охраны. Лежит в ящике стола.


Boston Police Department


August 17


The Boston Police Department has issued a “Be on the Look out” (BOLO) alert for ███████████████ in connection with the murder of an 8-year-old male. In the BOLO alert, the BPD expresses interest in locating and questioning the suspect and asks all law enforcement personnel and citizens to notify the BPD immediately if he is located. Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.

Журнальная статья (Тюрьма Оверлук)

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, блок B, южная комната оформления (Checkout room). Лежит в шкафчике.


By Paul Grim

In operation for more than 50 years, Overlook Penitentiary has garnered a reputation as a place where prisoners are sent to never be seen or heard from again. But that’s not all; Overlook also has been rumored for decades to be haunted. Strange, disembodied voices, ghostlike apparitions, gruesome deaths, and unexplained disappearances; the inventory of peculiar happenings that have been reported over the years by both prison staff and inmates is disturbingly prolific, some might say. Others, however, claim that this is nothing more than legends borne out of an environment that is conducive to terrifying tales.

“No question about it,” Warden Steven Creviston told us. “This can be an extremely scary place. We’ve got society’s worst of the worst locked up here, many of them clinically insane. It’s just a matter of time until crazy stories flow out of our prison, regardless of how impossibly horrifying they may sound.”

Despite his doubts about the paranormal aspects of Overlook, Creviston does admit that some portions of the prison’s notorious reputation are not wholly undeserved. Over the years, there have been numerous reports of strange deaths within Overlook’s foreboding walls, and even more bizarre disappearances. And although a number of these incidents remain unsolved, Creviston maintains that the vast majority of the disappearances are easily explained.

Письмо заключённого (#3)

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, блок B, основной холл (Main Hall), камера с южной стороны. Лежит на полу.


By the time you read this, I will be gone. I wasn’t sent here with a life sentence, but this is what it’s come to. The days here are eternal...relentless. Each new sunrise brings endless boredom and monotony - each new sunset, pain and fear. I have done my time and I no longer wish to be here.
But I’ve found a way out. Soon I will be dead, but I am finally free.

I’m coming baby.

Программа освобождения из-под стражи

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, блок B, мастерские (Workshops). Лежит на тумбочке.


Ryall State Prison

Note: Participation in the Work Release Program requires compliance with Basic Eligibility Rules and the Rules for Participation at all times. For any violation of these rules, an offender otherwise eligible for work release may be denied entry into, or continued participation in, the program.


Date of birth:
Home address:
Place of birth:
DL or ID number:


Current Charge or Charges:
Case Numbers:
Sentencing Court:
Date Sentence to Begin:
Number of Days to Serve:
Sentencing Judge:
К листку прикреплена записка:


This might be good for you. What do you think?

Письмо заключённого (#4)

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, блок B, небольшая комната в северной части мастерских (Workshops). Лежит на полу.


Don’t got much time to write today. Just want you to know everything’s worked out. By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way. I’m finally gonna be free of this shit hole and all these bastards. It’s almost done, babe, and then me and you can be together again like we always wanted. Almost.

Love forever,

Газетный заголовок

Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, блок B, в северной части верхнего увровня комнаты отдыха (Day Room). Лежит на столе.





Расположение: исправительная тюрьма Оверлук, блок B, в северной части верхнего увровня комнаты отдыха (Day Room). Лежит на полу.


Ryal State Prison

From: Frank Coleridge
To: Captain Handley

Sir, as you know, I have been a Corrections Officer at Ryall State Prison for nearly 20 years. During my tenure, I have been witness to questionable behavior by my fellow guards, but never to the degree I have observed over the last six months.

Most notably, the gross misconduct that I have witnessed by Corrections Officer George Sewell deserves immediate attention. C.O. Sewell has been engaged in a number of reprehensible activities, including drug trafficking, blackmail, coercion, and violence against prisoners. As a long-time veteran of the prison guard staff, I refuse to turn a blind-eye to his transgressions.

Please accept this letter as an official request to open an internal investigation of C.O. Sewell and any other guards who may be siding him in these illegal acts. I am willing to formally submit my testimony in writing and/or in person to the investigative committee.

Frank Coleridge
Senior Corrections Officer