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Silent Hill: Downpour Original Soundtrack (OST)

Silent Hill: Downpour Original Soundtrack (OST)
Композитор: Daniel Licht
Вокалисты: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Jonathan Davis
Дата выхода: 13 марта 2012 (US), 30 апреля 2012 (EU)
Формат: 1 CD
Количество треков: 19
Продолжительность: 58:35
Издатель: Milan Records
Каталожный номер: M2-36565 (US), 399 396-2 (EU)
#Название трека
01Silent Hill (feat. Jonathan Davis)
02Intro Perp Walk
03In The Ravine
04Bus to Nowhere
05Meet JP
06Stalking for Dinner
07Don’t go in the Basement
08Railcar Ride
09Downpour Intro
10Jump Monster
11Monastic Tendencies
12Clowning around with Monsters
13Welcome to Devil’s Pit
14Basement Fight
15Cablehouse Blues
16Town Rain
17The Caverns
18Monastery Otherworld
19The Downpour

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Silent Hill: Downpour Xbox 360 Rip

Silent Hill: Downpour Complete Soundtrack (Xbox 360 Rip) от CONSTANT EGO
Дата выхода: 2012
Формат: OGG Vorbis
Количество треков: 321
Продолжительность: 3:56:11

Complete Score:

#Название трека
001Silent Hill Theme [Loop]
002Intro, Elevator A&B
003Prison Corridors [Loop]
004Changing Room
005The Showers [Loop]
006Napier Beating [Loop]
007Solitary Confinement
008Cuffed Walk
009Dark Forest
010Moral Choice [Loop]
011The Road 1
012Radio Broadcast Weird (from Silent Hill 2 OST - Magdalene) [Loop]
013Cable House
014Ashes and Ghost
015The Diner [Loop]
016Room Transition
018Shade Arrival 1
019Evil [Loop]
020Escape [Loop]
021Born Free (Gramophone)
022Stairs Pulse [Loop]
023Return To Normality
024DP Ambient LoPads [Loop]
025Basement Entry
026Entering Basement
027Screamer Attack
028Screamer Attack [Loop]
029Screamer Defeated
030Change Clothes
031The Road 2
032CabHouseV1 FxPad
033Heartbeat, Tension [Loop]
034Fall Awaken
035Monster, Tension
036Monster Attack [Loop]
038Puzzle [Loop]
039Rail Car Harps
040Rail Car Background
041Rail Car Attack [Loop]
042Rail Car Dark Turn [Loop]
043SH-CaveV2 Hrps [Loop]
044SH-CaveV2 Spd-WindPad [Loop]
045Radiostation Explore [Loop]
046Radiostation Water Rising
047Guards Office [Loop]
049Door Stinger
050Paper Puzzle [Loop]
051Radiostation Water Rising String Trem [Loop]
052Born Free (Radio, flashback - Sewells Office)
053Love Psalm (from Silent Hill 2 OST)
054Silent Hill (from Silent Hill OST)
055Please Love Me (from Silent Hill 3 OST)
056Shade Arrival 2
057Cage Ride [Loop]
059Jump Monster
060Radio Strings
061Room Rotating
062Cross The Blades [Loop]
063Clock Tower Slides
064WT ClawMarks Hit
065Town, Cinema Movies [Loop]
066Town, Inside 1 [Loop]
067Town, Inside 2 [Loop]
068Town, Inside 3 [Loop]
069Town, Inside 4 [Loop]
070Town, Outside 1 [Loop]
071Town, Outside 2 [Loop]
072Town, Combat 1 [Loop]
073Town, Combat 2 [Loop]
074Town, Combat 3 [Loop]
075Monastery Ambient Mix 1
076Monastery PercRemix RefMix
077Monastery Ambient Mix 2
078Monastery Med01 Mix 2
079Monastery Exploration
080Synth Atmos [Loop]
081Little Girl Singing (Itsy Bitsy Spider) [Loop]
082Choir (Gramophone) [Loop]
083Weird World Music
084Reflection [Loop]
085World Change
086Otherworld Main
087Otherworld Shade Intro
088Otherworld Shade [Loop]
089Otherworld Thorns [Loop]
091Bogeyman PreFight [Loop]
092Dark Bells
093Monastery Attic Hits [Loop]
094Monastery Attic Solo Vox [Loop]
095Monastery Attic Cluster Choir [Loop]
096Monastery Attic String Trem [Loop]
097Monastery Attic Ending [Loop]
098Bogeyman Boss [Loop]
099Bogeyman Fight [Loop]
100Prison, Tension [Loop]
101Elevator Sting
102Monster Reveal
103Dining Room [Loop]
104Attack [Loop]
105Fork Extra Intro
106Fork [Loop]
107Fork Thorns [Loop]
108Fork Ending
109Prison, Water Rising
110Vent Chase Intro
111Vent Chase [Loop]
112Vent Chase Ending
113Clown Attack AmbFX
114OW Hell Dog Monster Area [Loop]
115OW Hell Main Pads [Loop]
116OW Hell RefMix [Loop]
117Stalk String Pads [Loop]
118Here Be Monsters (Bonus - Surprise Ending)

Licensed Music:

#Название трека
01Jonathan Davis (Korn) - Silent Hill (Credits 1)
02Jonathan Singleton & The Grove - I’m Afraid of Storms (Credits 2)
03Louis Armstrong - Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Credits 3)
04Ed Harcourt - From Every Sphere (Radio, Full)
05Heaven Wont Hold It Against You (Radio, Full)
06The Coals - I Wanted A Lover, I Needed A Friend (Radio, Full)
07James Vincent McMorrow - If I Had A Boat (Radio, Full)
08Louis Armstrong - Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Radio, Full)
09Anna Ternheim - Off the Road (Radio, Full)
10Highwaymen - Silver Stallion (Radio, Full)
11Stephen Yerkey - Where Cash Is King (Radio, Full)
12Kris Kristofferson - Why Me Lord (Radio, Full)
13Doves - Willow’s Song (Bury Version) (Radio, Full)
14Anna Ternheim - Words of Love (Radio, Full)

Horror and Atmosphere FX:

#Название трека
002Evil Calm [Loop]
003Eerie Hounted House Creak
004Diner Ballancing Tree
005Diner Ballancing Tree Bass
006Dark Basement Atmos [Loop]
007Diner Room Tone Eerie [Loop]
008Room Tone Deep Light Rattle [Loop]
009Screamer Attack Ambience [Loop]
010Door 1
011Diner Amb05 Cliff Gap [Loop]
012Dark Creak 1
013Diner Amb11 Transition [Loop]
014Log Fall [Loop]
015Diner Amb12 OtherWorld Breath [Loop]
016Diner Amb13 OtherWorld Breath 2 [Loop]
017Shake Transition [Loop]
018Diner Amb14 DarkRoom [Loop]
019Diner Amb15 Escape [Loop]
020Subhit [Loop]
028Metal Verb Reverse 1
029Metal Scrape Verb Reverse 2
030Metal Latch Snap Reverse
031Crescendo [Loop]
032Attack Crescendo
033Internal Ambience [Loop]
034Main Cave [Loop]
035Ambient Frightener [Loop]
036Bridge Fall And Swing [Loop]
037Monster Defeat
038Stone Metal High Edit
040Cave Deep Slow Movement
041Cave Deep Slow Movement 2
042Cave Deep Slow Movement 3
043Cave Drone Bass [Loop]
044Cave Drone Scary [Loop]
045Drone 3 [Loop]
046Ghost 1
047Ghost 2
048Ghost 3
050Radiostation Basement Dark Ambient [Loop]
051Radiostation Dark Moody Atmosphere [Loop]
052Radiostation Dark Rumble [Loop]
053Radiostation Library Atmosphere [Loop]
054Monastery Exterior [Loop]
055Monastery Interior 2 [Loop]
056Monastery Threat [Loop]
057Sub Rumble [Loop]
058Heavy Stinger 1
059Heavy Stinger Low End
060Metal Door Broken Open
061Metal Rev Sting
062Monastry Curtain Open
063Player Incapacitated Eff
064Evil Metal Sweeps
065Evil Sweep
066Prison OTW Ambience [Loop]
067Metal Latch Snap Reverse
069MetalVerb Reverse 1
070Iron Impact Heart Attack 1
071Iron Impact Heart Attack 2
072Pile Driver Heart Attack 1
073Pile Driver Heart Attack 2
075Glass Scream 3
076Metal Weird 1 [Loop]
077Metal Weird 2 [Loop]
078Metal Weird 3 [Loop]
079Fall Whoosh
080Fall Whoosh and Rev
081Rotating Worlds Matrix Mix
082Teleport Effect 3
083Teleport Effect B
084Whoosh Turbulent
085Water Flow [Loop]
086SH Move
087Scary Hit Metal
088Scary Wheelman Collage
089Ghost Breath 1
090Neurons Whispering
091Whispers Secrets Safe 1
092Whispers Tense 1-1
093Whispers Tense 1-2
094Whispers Tense 1-3
095Whispers Tense 1-4
096Whispers Tense 2-1
097Whispers Tense 2-2
098Whispers Tense 2-3
099Whispers Tense 2-4
100Whispers Tense 3-1
101Whispers Tense 3-2
102Whispers Tense 3-3
103Whispers Tense 3-4
104Whisp Tense 1-1
105Whisp Tense 1-2
106Whisp Tense 1-3
107Whisp Tense 1-4

Weather FX:

#Название трека
01Diner Amb01 Base Wind [Loop]
02Diner Amb02 Cliff Edge Wind [Loop]
03Diner Amb03 Dark Forest [Loop]
04Diner Amb04 Cliff Wind 2 [Loop]
05Diner Amb06 Tree Cross [Loop]
06Diner Amb07 Light Wind [Loop]
07Diner Amb08 Weird Wind [Loop]
08Diner Amb09 Light Wind 2 [Loop]
09Monastery Thunder Layer [Loop]
10Thunder Dark
11Thunder Long
12Heavy Rain Thunder [Loop]
13Heavy Rain [Loop]
14Light Rain Thunder [Loop]
15Rain Drops [Loop]
16Light Rain Drops
17Bass Rumble Quake Fadeout
18Earthquake 1 [Loop]
19Earthquake 2 [Loop]
20Earthquake 3 [Loop]
21Earthquake 4 [Loop]
22Open Ambience With Waterfall [Loop]
23Water Calm Flow [Loop]
24Water Dripping effB2 [Loop]
25Water Dripping effB3 [Loop]
26Water Dripping effB4 [Loop]
27Wind Vatra 1
28Wind Vatra 2
29Wind Vatra 3
30Wind New 1
31Wind New 2
32Wind New 3
33Wind New 4
34Wind [Loop]
35Wind Gust [Loop]
36Wind Gust 02 [Loop]
37Wind Gust 03 [Loop]
38Wind Gust 11 [Loop]
39Wind Gusty 1 [Loop]
40Wind Gusty 2 [Loop]
41Wind Gusty 3 [Loop]
42Wind Gusty 4 [Loop]
43Wind Gusty 5 [Loop]
44Wind Gusty 6 [Loop]
45Wind Leaves 2 [Loop]
46Wind Leaves 4 [Loop]
47Wind Whistle 2010 1 [Loop]
48Wind Whistle 2010 2 [Loop]
49Wind Whistle 2010 3 [Loop]
50Wind Whistle 2010 4 [Loop]
51Wind Whistle 2010 5 [Loop]
52Wind Whistling 1 [Loop]
53Wind Whistling 2 [Loop]
54Wind Whistling 3 [Loop]
55Wind Whistling 4 [Loop]
56Window Draft 1 [Loop]
57Whistle Draft 1 [Loop]
58Wind Indoor Eerie [Loop]
59Wind Canyon Distant [Loop]
60Cave Upper Humming [Loop]
61Wind Normal [Loop]
62Wind Storm 2 [Loop]


#Название трека
01Bell Puzzle - Bells Melody Ring Ring Roses
02Jack in the Box - Music Box
03Gramophone Open
04Gramophone - Scary Forwards
05Gramophone - Scary Backwards
06Lift - Door Open
07Panel Engine Slide Servo
08Projector Start
09Projector Slide Change
10Projector Loop Rusty
11Projector - Tape Reel Stereo
12Radio Static
13Tresor (Puzzle) - Power On
14TV Explosion Ear Whistle
15Fire Rope
16Fire Flame Burn
17Screamer - Scream
18Car Siren Horror
19Stolen Goods - War Medal - Plane
20Stolen Goods - War Medal - Plane 2